The leading European movement committed to the protection of cultural heritage, this year’s Europa Nostra prize was awarded to Special Rehabilitation Hospital Bukovička Banja for the rehabilitation project of the Pavilion of Prince Miloš, among 12 heritage conservation achievements in Europe.

This is a great success for the Serbian cultural heritage, given that Serbia was not awarded before for the restoration/conservation achievements. This project represents a good recovery of a monument which has maintained its original use following a natural disaster. The result has been achieved with a modest budget, setting a good example for other spa centres throughout Europe’’, the Jury of the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage stated.

Special Rehabilitation Hospital Bukovička Banja Arandjelovac initiated and completed the rehabilitation project of the Pavilion of Prince Miloš, led by Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, Director of the Bukovička Spa Hospital, and the project was invented and completed by Jelena Strizović and Aleksandra Lukić, from the Department of Urban Planning at the Municipality of Arandjelovac.
After the special award ceremony in Berlin, the prestigious EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2018, was presented on 4 October in the Bukovička Spa Park. 

‘’Only a few years ago, the Pavilion of Prince Miloš was in danger of decay. Today, it stands in all its beauty and we are proud to say that we have preserved the heritage of our ancestors for the future generations. The Kingdom of Norway recognized the importance of the idea for restoration of the Pavilion of Prince Miloš, and on this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude for their help in preserving this unique part of the Serbian cultural heritage - highlighted Dr. Slobodan Prodanović, menager of the Bukovička Spa Hospital.

The conservation of the Pavillion of Prince Miloš was completed in 2016, which returned the historical beauty to this pearl of Bukovička Spa Park. Since then, the visitors of the Pavilion’s centre are able to drink mineral water which is sourced from three surrounding springs.
In the explanation of the prize, the international jury highlighted the Pavilion of Prince Miloš.