In the idyllic setting of one of the most beautiful parks in this region area of Serbia is Bukovička medicinal and wellness resort spa.
The Facility called Closed bath in which special hospital Bukovička spa operates, was built in the period from 1936 to 1938. , and as an object of great architectural importance, under the protection of the Institute for Protection and Preservation of Cultural Monuments, Kragujevac. This facility was recently significantly remodeled and now provides good conditions for patient accommodation.

The capacity of such specialized hospital is 110 beds, comfortable single (2) and double (10), triple and quadruple bedrooms and suites (5), restaurant, open terraces, a therapeutic block, swimming pool with thermomineral water and parking.

Admission ward, exam rooms, therapy pool, sauna, restaurant, free Hot Spot Internet, 24×7 on duty doctors and registered nurses (RN).
Therapeutic block – room for individual and group exercises, kinesiotherapy gym, massage room, electrical treatment room, clay application room, hydro block (therapy pool, pearl baths, underwater massage, local baths, sauna).
Diagnostic Center – the central laboratory, ultrasound examination of joints and soft tissues, sports clinic.

Room structure:

Twin size bed: 2
queen size: 5
2 twin size beds: 10
3 twin size beds: 7
Suites: 5

Room facilities:

Each room has a bathroom and a TV with cable. All single, double rooms and suites are air-conditioned and, among other things, have a mini bar. The suites consist of two rooms, equipped with a queen size and have the ability to accommodate 2 - 4 persons.